adventure friday

30.10.09- we went adventuring in Smichov

is it worth it to sneak in? almost.

the path down

it was a little difficult for some of us :-D

we saw this on the train the other day and knew we had to get closer

wrong side of the tracks

I think this says it all

pretty colours

the church on the rock. gorgeous

it would have been even more beautiful if it weren't for the guys doing crack 10 metres away.

Maurice took my camera over the wall

wonders around every bend

that fucker almost DIED. this rock wall was totally vertical, and he decided to climb it.

we decided to climb the building instead

we had to commemorate the moment

great views up there

my friends inspire me

driving Ace Ventura style

yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what our fair city has to offer

we ran out of light but didn't run out of zeal

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