party time

consider yourself lucky to have been there... even luckier to have remembered it

thug life

the eyes say everything

jewellery that will never be worn again

fabulous party-goers

oh girl

dirty dancing in a church


folks from out of town need to keep up!


celebrating 20 years of democracy in the Czech Republic

by... looking up the skirts of giant red daemons?

national pride

tunnel of democracy

"klaus is not our president"

adorable Czech children

spiritual leader

and the march continued on

it was quite the spectacle

watching from windows

these guys were definitely NOT Americans.


feeling restless

haven't gotten out and about this rainy week, so a few old snapshots...

statues at Petrin

a rousing game of biscuit- 1 drink to the roller!

my favourite architectural embellishment in Prague
the TV tower in Žižkov

yes, those ARE giant black babies crawling up and down it


this is my metro stop... a total pain in the ass to get to, but TOTALLY worth it at the bottom.

love it.

Mims on the river bank.

I want to know what this guy is saying!

near the Charles bridge

aww.. poor lonely puppy!


happy hallowing

October 31 was colourful.

ladies on the 11

up on the roof

waiting for the KOMWAGon

a wide array of eyewear

taking a look inside

the witching hour

daria and jane

raise your glasses

it was absolutely batty

adventure friday

30.10.09- we went adventuring in Smichov

is it worth it to sneak in? almost.

the path down

it was a little difficult for some of us :-D

we saw this on the train the other day and knew we had to get closer

wrong side of the tracks

I think this says it all

pretty colours

the church on the rock. gorgeous

it would have been even more beautiful if it weren't for the guys doing crack 10 metres away.

Maurice took my camera over the wall

wonders around every bend

that fucker almost DIED. this rock wall was totally vertical, and he decided to climb it.

we decided to climb the building instead

we had to commemorate the moment

great views up there

my friends inspire me

driving Ace Ventura style

yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what our fair city has to offer

we ran out of light but didn't run out of zeal